Free "Energy Sex" Webinar

Thursday 9/21 (UN International Day of Peace) from 7:30-9pm CST


Explore the mysteries of Tantric lovemaking. Use the hidden powers of Mindfulness, Movement, Sound, Touch, and Breath to tap into your Energy and enhance your life in amazing ways. We'll be covering:

  • Master erections and male orgasms, separate from ejaculations
  • Access new ways to have orgasms and receive pleasure
  • Increase energy, stamina, and health in every area of life
  • Deepen your connection and intimacy with loved ones
  • Experience oneness and connection with all and the divine
  • Learn to Love yourself and others fully and unconditionally
  • Have more fun than you knew was possible
  • Have your life literally improve every month forever
  • Greater connection with self, others and the divine.

Short daily guided experiences to dramatically enhance love and life.